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I wish you all a Perfect day

I will be in Santa Monica, Cali training for my shows!  While here I am Available for various bookings and sponsorship opportunities! Email me for details! Thanks and I wish you all a Perfect day! 

RLQZone xo

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I Met Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!

by on Apr.23, 2015, under Physical

So Surreal!arnold-schwarzenegger-hd-celebrity-wallpapers-12185      I’m at the Gym, The infamous Mecca, which in essence, its infamous-nous, was started by Arnold! So, I’m doing cardio, all focused, had about 4 minutes left, and as i lifted my head to look up,  there in a straight shot right in front of me on a piece of weight lifting equipment,  was the silhouette of who appeared to be Arnold Schwarzenegger!  And with him I was thinking was his new female partner.  My eyes aren’t the greatest for distance, but as i zoomed in, i soon realized, it most certainly was him! OMG, I could barely contain myself. 

I finish my cardio and am unsure of the decision to go interrupt them during their workout. This was a risky decision, especially because as i looked around the gym, nobody else was approaching them.  So before I got up the courage, I walked over to my gym friend for some encouragement! ;) Upon his shooing me to ‘just do it’ and go up to Arnold, I did it! And here is why! My self doubt was smashed by the memory of  a time when i first went to Gold’s mecca and The Rock was there! He even said Hi to me first, and I not realizing he was who he was, was like hello! In person he was different looking to me. I thought he was one of the models and he was just being nice and saying hello because we were like comarodies! When the light bulb in my head switched on and I realized who he was, I froze in star struck fear! By the time i tried to acknowledge him, he was ushered off into his vehicle to shoot the Scorpion King! I still kick my ass for not being more assertive and missing an opportunity because of my by nature shyness!

ALSO, what would Arnold say in the position!?! He Definitely would say with his awesome accent, ‘You Go after what you want!’ So…after a fun hug from my gym buddy and a deep breath, and making sure there was a between set moment from the couple,  I marched right up to the Austrian Oak , extended my hand, and politely said, ‘I’m so sorry to interrupt your workout, But, I HAD to meet you! I’m RhondaLee! My smile must have been ridiculous,  teehee.  We shook hands. He was Very nice, then i did the exact same thing to his lady, she was also nice.  And I said a ‘thank you so much’,  to the two of them, and i cant remember if i dashed off so fast i practically ran, but i darted. Got to the next weight room and had to catch my breath from the excitement! So, I’m not usually so star struck over anybody, but, Arnold has influenced my mind and being in so many ways for so many years! All of his accomplishments and the way he said he was going to do something and just did it is mind blowing, which I have emulated and applied to my life in turn affecting my successes s!  THIS was a monumental moment for me I have waited years for!!!!! 

Thank you Mr Schwarzenegger!! :)

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Store Items

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Thank you all for your patience while I have been updating my site.  I am offering, in addition to my training services, customer prints. Check out my store section on the RQLZone.

Custom Prints on the rlqzone.com

Custom Prints on the rlqzone.com


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