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Been a while since posting here but…

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A most recent photo shoot of my physique.  THANKS so much to Ned Mataroso for these fine sunset beach muscle photos! Taken in Huntington Beach LA! At 49, was best shape in a long time! :) xo

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Loved this shoot!! 8X10 PHOTOS FOR SALE!

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Autographed photos for you!  $18 USD plus postage & handling.

Email me at:  rhondaquaresma2@hotmail.com if you are interested in purchasing these or others you may have interest in as well!  Thanks so much! xo

sexy strong

1-RhondaLee Quaresma bodybuilding fitness workout shoot!




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NOW THIS IS FUN RIGHT!?! Go see more morphed of me by clicking link below! Super cool!



Here’s a sample!



AND THEN BUFFYSHOT!  THANKS AGAIN BEN DARLING! My training is going well! This was just less than 2 weeks ago! The real me unmorphed teehee. ;) xo



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CONGRATULATIONS to LENA VAJAKAS Women’s Physique (Canadian Nationals)!

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With Lena Vajakas

With Lena Vajakas

Congratulations to this high caliber athlete for her first and successful top 5  finish at the Canadian Nationals Women’s Physique category.  This is excellent for her first attendance at such a prestigious event.  The highest in Canada that earns the class winners their pro cards. 


Lena Night show Routine

     I just finished having the pleasure of working with Lena as her trainer/coach as she prepared for this show! I was surprised when Lena approached me to take on this role, but I eagerly accepted the challenge.  Her previous trainer and excellent bodybuilder Kristen  McCarthy, had some personal business to attend to and couldn’t help so much this show,  so I had a good pair of shoes to fill , as Kristen had done a fantastic job with Lena over their time!  I’m confident in my abilities,  but hadn’t trained clients for shows a bit of time. (see my success stories with some of the athletes I’ve worked with here on this blog).  Same thing, I had personal life to attend to over the last few years.  Well, it was like I never left!  I loved the process of prepping a client for show, especially when they are as dedicated, disciplined, and gifted as Lena is!  I like to work with my athletes as a team.  We are in this together, and the goal is to be the best!  Her transformation over 20 weeks was amazing, and she had clearly packed on some dense muscle! Combined with her lines and beautiful posing and stage presentation, Lena is surely a Winner yet to come! Lena is getting ready soon for another bout of physique battle.  I will follow up with details soon or you can find her on https://www.instagram.com/lovendahouseCanadian Women's Phyique Nationals

For training sessions, you can email me at store@rhondalee4u.com or https://www.instagram.com/RhondaLee_Quaresma

Very proud of you Lena, and Congrats once again! xo


Outta the gym time!

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Had so much fun here! Promoter WOS put on this event on the Venice Beach boardwalk. You will know it as the infamous ‘Muscle Beach!’ I met the promoters, Kristel and Jake Wood! So cool and nice. If I understand correctly they have offered their ability to save women’s bodybuilding in the IFBB by putting up the money to do so, as well as offering good prize money to the athletes! The Ms Olympia was recently discontinued by the IFBB.This event comprised of ‘the muscle mansion’ girls, created an atmosphere of camaradie amoung us women.

This event comprised of ‘the muscle mansion’ girls, created an atmosphere of camaradie amoung us women. Something lacking amoungst the bodybuilding women in the past. The girls, Alina Popa, Isabella Turell, Hella Trevino and Margie Martin, and the infamous Lenda Murray! All these women incredible bodybuilders! I went with my friend and IFBB pro Michelle Brent. Lovely that we were invited to join the hardcore training party in the pit while there! She joined the main girls of event enthusiastically, and Lenda Murry (8 X Ms O, mentor, WOS promoter, and great ambassador for the sport), summoned me to join as well. OMG So flattered to have Lenda’s approval!! But I wanted to support as an IFBB pro team mate and let the gals enjoy their spotlight. I totally enjoyed watchng! I also met Brian, WOS, their bro and marketer, great vibe, and was wonderful meeting onlookers and fans of all of us girls.

The Peurto Rico ifbb pro show is this weekend May 28, 2016, AND also put on by WOS! 2 of the ladies Michelle and Isabelle are competing.  Whats so especially impressive about Michelle,  is not only her positive attitude in the world of bodybuildng, but that she is 58 years old, and is STILL competing! Not to mention with a set of biceps many would die for!  And in regards to Isabelle,  is her young incredible physique, clearly an up and coming bodybuilding star!

In regards to pro bodybuilding as a whole, Hopefully there will be more such events with many different pro athletes being showcased in addition to the above mentioned, with WOS! It helps involve the general public and athletes together.  It would be a nice idea if all the pros were informed and kept in the loop at the same time regarding what goes on overall in this sport. A monthly newslettter, meetings, etc.  knowledge creates Power. I think it would help. ;)

Was great to meet everyone here! Good luck to EVERYONE this weekend in Peurto Rico! xo

Thanks to Bill Dobbins for these shots I posted, our loyal Female Blodybuilding Photographer!

Peace, Love & Happiness,

RhndaLee Quaresma XO


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Time To Express My Heartfelt Thanks! (Part 1)

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Palm Springs

IFBB Pro womens physique

So My Goodness, I have so many people to thank and I’m beside myself with the generosity people provided Me, to the support, to the kind words! ALL of it! All from you who believed in Me,  and got me to step on that stage!

I wanted to Win, but on the contrary….no, let Me reword that! I Did WIN! For many reasons I had THE BEST EXPERIENCE at the FERRIGNO LEGACY SHOW, Nov 20, 2015,  I participated in!  And it’s like I won Because I made my physique better and i stepped on that stage with the best women in the world!  I kinda liked how i looked!! ;) Teehee. And I got to compete in Lou Ferrigno’s show! His arm was even around Me for a photo! Wow! Could I ever have imagined this in my dreams as a child watching the Hulk on TV, then watching him in Pumping Iron, admiring him and his Bodybuilding peer’s as they mentored my X husband and he mentored Me!? Heck NO! How blessed am I!?!  The early school bodybuilders are my fav, and some of you probably dont realize ive been around and doing this sport for a long time! Just because I’m quiet doesnt mean i don’t know or havent experienced alot!  My placing from the judges, was last place, but from some good advice, I see it’s wise to embrace this placing! And the irony of being competitor #69….another little teehee deserved here! And look at all the good things and people that grew from this in my life!?  Beauty and perception is in the eye of the beholder! And My life’s Motto is ‘To defy All the Odds’, so, in the words of Arnold, ‘Ill Be Back!’ ;) 

With that being said, I shall proceed with my list of Thank you’s and more photos to share! XO

Gratitude Journal

 (Re the above photo. Thats the first page of my actual gratitude journal I keep. So THANK YOU Universe and To My Creator because IT first makes all else thats good possible! 

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Tonights event

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Leading up to the big show tonight. A few pics.

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My show is In the Home stretch!!

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4 weeks to go! Progress piks below. Still open to Sponsorships! http://www.rlqzone.com/gym/rlq/Press/Press.html

Thanks to those who have already contributed! You have helped make my competitive dreams come true! I have been training super hard and am going to give my ALL and More! XO




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These links listed have the information breakdown of countless products which have been  Lab tested and verified, as well as those that Are not!  look for FDA-registered labs for a detailed chemical analysis. HERE is where to find which products you would like to be using for your training program and or healh! 




I decided to cover this issue because I became aware at one point that even I wasn’t really sure. I guess I had a moment of realization, when after a few plus people around the same time asked me which products to take and which were the best. So I thought, ok so HOW Do I know which is the best. And then my research began.  

     So it’s very simple, before you buy anything, check out the government and other verified labs that have run all the tests on that products for accuracy, purity and quality. And while checking it out, you will be shocked to see which products are good and which aren’t!  

Just because another bodybuilder who looks like he would know, on a youtube channel or something is saying, ‘Take THIS whey protein because I take it!’, …Don’t just take it cause he probably doesnt even know really or he is being paid to push the product! 

Good Luck in your workout endevours and hope this helps you reach your goals! xo

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