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by on Feb.29, 2016, under Daily Digest, Events, Physical, Uncategorized

Had so much fun here! Promoter WOS put on this event on the Venice Beach boardwalk. You will know it as the infamous ‘Muscle Beach!’ I met the promoters, Kristel and Jake Wood! So cool and nice. If I understand correctly they have offered their ability to save women’s bodybuilding in the IFBB by putting up the money to do so, as well as offering good prize money to the athletes! The Ms Olympia was recently discontinued by the IFBB.This event comprised of ‘the muscle mansion’ girls, created an atmosphere of camaradie amoung us women.

This event comprised of ‘the muscle mansion’ girls, created an atmosphere of camaradie amoung us women. Something lacking amoungst the bodybuilding women in the past. The girls, Alina Popa, Isabella Turell, Hella Trevino and Margie Martin, and the infamous Lenda Murray! All these women incredible bodybuilders! I went with my friend and IFBB pro Michelle Brent. Lovely that we were invited to join the hardcore training party in the pit while there! She joined the main girls of event enthusiastically, and Lenda Murry (8 X Ms O, mentor, WOS promoter, and great ambassador for the sport), summoned me to join as well. OMG So flattered to have Lenda’s approval!! But I wanted to support as an IFBB pro team mate and let the gals enjoy their spotlight. I totally enjoyed watchng! I also met Brian, WOS, their bro and marketer, great vibe, and was wonderful meeting onlookers and fans of all of us girls.

The Peurto Rico ifbb pro show is this weekend May 28, 2016, AND also put on by WOS! 2 of the ladies Michelle and Isabelle are competing.  Whats so especially impressive about Michelle,  is not only her positive attitude in the world of bodybuildng, but that she is 58 years old, and is STILL competing! Not to mention with a set of biceps many would die for!  And in regards to Isabelle,  is her young incredible physique, clearly an up and coming bodybuilding star!

In regards to pro bodybuilding as a whole, Hopefully there will be more such events with many different pro athletes being showcased in addition to the above mentioned, with WOS! It helps involve the general public and athletes together.  It would be a nice idea if all the pros were informed and kept in the loop at the same time regarding what goes on overall in this sport. A monthly newslettter, meetings, etc.  knowledge creates Power. I think it would help. ;)

Was great to meet everyone here! Good luck to EVERYONE this weekend in Peurto Rico! xo

Thanks to Bill Dobbins for these shots I posted, our loyal Female Blodybuilding Photographer!

Peace, Love & Happiness,

RhndaLee Quaresma XO


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